Saturday, January 11, 2014

Puppy Crack

We try not to give Forest “people food” at our house but at some point he got his puppy mouth on some popcorn...and now he’s a popcorn fanatic. Regardless of where he is in the house or what he’s doing, even mid-belly rub, as soon as he hears those kernels start popping bam he bolts to the kitchen and stands guard for any dropped goodies. Forest then dutifully stalks whoever’s holding the popcorn bowl. There's no begging, no whining or jumping, just those puppy dog eyes intently tracking every movement. Sometimes he’ll interrupt our movie or show by sitting up and positioning himself on the couch right between us and the TV as if to say “Hey, I’m still here, being a perfectly awesome well behaved human companion who must surely have earned some of that puppy-crack by now.” 

Fine, puppy, you earned it. 

Damn your cuteness.


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