Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Forest’s got a leak

Wow, the past month was crazy! We had three straight weekends full of Thanksgiving festivities. Our little puppy was introduced to a lot of new people and new places and, well, it sometimes overwhelmed him.

For example, we visited Nick’s family the weekend before Thanksgiving. We hopped in the car right after work and drove for about three hours to Iowa. Forest was in the backseat the whole time and overall was pretty well-behaved. We laid a blanket across the seats and put some toys back there for him. He freaked out a little when the car was stopped, like “Holy shit, what’s going on, is someone getting out, getting in, do I have to get out, what’s that over there?” but on the highway he fell right to sleep.

We stayed at Jason’s house that night (Nick’s brother) and he happened to be taking out the garbage as we pulled up to his house. As soon as Forest jumped out of the car I tried to steer him towards the yard to do his business, but no, Forest wanted to go say hi and get a belly rub from Jason. The puppy ran up to our host and jumped on him a little before settling down at his feet with his tail going a mile a minute. We all thought it was really cute until I noticed the growing puddle. “Uh Jason, the dog’s peeing on you.” Yep, little Forest was so excited that he pissed all over Jason’s white Pumas.

Unfortunately this is not like a one-time thing. Sometimes Forest gets so worked up that he can’t help but let a little go. We call those his “happy squirts”. We were actually lucky that only one shoe was victimized this time. When Forest was a few months old, I was waiting in line at doggy day care to pick him up and bumped into a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile. I was so excited to introduce her to our new little furball that as soon as they brought Forest out I picked him up and started gushing over what a sweet doggy he was and how cute he was, bla bla bla. Suddenly my arm felt a little wet, and me in my innocence thought that Forest had licked me or maybe even drooled. But no, as I lifted him a little higher I saw that Forest had just piddled on me, the floor and the doggy carrier at my feet. Not the best first impression he could have made, but I guess I should be happy he didn’t puke or poop on me (no, he was going to save those for later, damn dog). Now when I pick Forest up at doggy day care, I have a strict policy of going straight out the door, no chit chat. Live and learn I guess.