Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Christmas Flashback

Poor Halloween and Thanksgiving. Try as they might, these holidays just can’t stand up to their big brother Christmas. Although Halloween had a decent run (we even got to dress up Forest!) the Marketing Gods have skipped right over Thanksgiving and fast-forwarded to Christmas. TV commercials, marketing displays, and radio ads have already invaded our lives. So, to get in the spirit of the impending holiday frenzy, I submit the following photos and video taken during last year’s Christmas break.

While I visited my folks in Colorado, Nick took Forest on a road trip to Iowa to see his family. They stayed with Nick’s mom, Dee, who had a house full of dogs that Christmas. Besides the reigning doggy king of the household, Vico, Dee’s stepdaughter also brought her dogs Charlie and Brecken to stay with them. Charlie and Vico spent most of their time watching Forest and Brecken fight it out in a never-ending play match.

Sorry the video is a little dark, hopefully you can still see the action.

When it was all over, Brecken was one tired puppy.